Sales Prospecting: From Ideation to Customer Access

Business Club webinar, 11th October 2017

Biggerplate Business Club webinar- 11 October 2017

If sales (or a lack of) is looming large in your business priorities this month, then you’ll want to take a look at another great Business Club webinar coming up with Tony Hackett, our first guest speaker from Australia! Join Tony as he explores the ways mind mapping can be used to support sales processes from start to finish!

Register now: Wednesday 11 October, 5pm (Sydney)

About this webinar

Whilst mind mapping is a powerful tool for transactional level tasks, the area where it can bring extraordinary value to a professional working alone or in collaboration is in a business workflow. This webinar will explore the benefits of mind mapping in sales prospecting from ideation to customer access, showing the streamlining and efficiency of using mind mapping as a workflow enabler, not just as a task oriented capture and/or presentation mechanism.

So if you are a creative personlooking to leverage a tool for structure, a structured thinker looking for a tool to assist brainstorming, or a professional looking for a connected and seamless workplace productivity experience then this webinar is for you!

After this webinar, you will have a better appreciation of the business value by way of greater personal and team efficiency and productivity that can be leveraged from mind mapping tools and techniques.

Speaker Bio: Tony Hackett

Tony is an account manager with technology advisory and research firm, who was first introduced to mind mapping in 1999. As a daily user of mind mapping, he uses the tool in multiple cases for personal and team collaboration including :

Proposal design and creation 

Tony is also a writer, coach and creator of online courses related to sales pipeline and revenue growth through better prospecting. Read his excellent article on mind maps being at the centre of your writing workflow, and see more of his work on his Medium account.

We are delighted to have Tony speak for us from the other side of the world- literally! Register today for this excellent webinar.

About the Biggerplate Business Club

The Biggerplate Business Club is a member community within Biggerplate, that helps business professionals around the world learn how mind mapping tools and techniques can be used to boost business performance.

Business Club membership costs just $29 per year, and gives members access to a range of live and on-demand webinars, as well as additional exclusive content and special offers for mind mappers.

Learn more about the Biggerplate Business Club
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