Powerful Presenting with Mind Maps

Join our next webinar on 13 February!

Biggerplate Business Club Webinar: 13 February 2018

If your presentations need a pick-me-up, then join our next Business Club webinar with guest speaker Hazel Wagner (PowerBrainstorming.com), who will show you how to plan and deliver better presentations with the help of mind mapping tools and techniques!

13 February 2018
11:00–12:00 am (Pacific Time)
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We asked Hazel a few questions ahead of her webinar, and we look forward to this interesting session next week!

Can you give us an overview of your upcoming webinar?

If giving PowerPoint presentations has become known as ‘death by powerpoint,’ a mind mapped presentation is the antidote. I will present, using mind mapping, on how to plan, practice, and give a business presentation using mind mapping. I have presented similar topics at TEDx, Toastmasters International, and corporations around the world.

Mind mapping is the superb tool of choice to allow you to develop any presentations you want to give and to use while you are presenting. This talk will cover both ways to use mind mapping.

Who will benefit from joining this webinar?

If you ever need to prepare a presentation, whether it is formal, up in front of an audience or committee, or informal, to explain a process to your team, planning what you will cover and in what order is important. Plan using the mind mapping process will help you brainstorm what you need to cover and even help you know what to leave out so you don’t ramble.

What challenges will you help us overcome?

Public speaking may be a fear you have. Memorizing what you will say can make it worse. Use the method we will cover to get you through it with flying colors.

If your usual method of speaking in front of a group includes reading a prepared speech, this will free you from that tether.

Can you tell us about your company and background?

B9D, inc (b9d.com) is a consulting company I started in 1991 to provide sales and marketing advice and activity to technology companies that were not good at marketing or selling their own products and services. Over the years we added seminars, webinars, workshops, keynotes and published books through our Brainiance Books division. We are located in the United States.

I’ve been using mind mapping since I discovered it at an American Management Association course, many years ago. I first used it for taking notes during lectures, reading books and article, and brainstorming.

You can learn more about how I use mind mapping in my books, Power Brainstorming, and Business, Brains & BS; or on my web site, PowerBrainstorming.com.

Join the webinar: 13 February 2018!

We hope you can join us for this exciting session next week, and thanks to Hazel for taking the time to share her expertise with our Business Club members!

13 February 2018 
11:00–12:00 (Pacific Time)
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