Planning and executing a Consulting Assignment using mind maps

Business Club webinar: 14 December 2017

Business Club webinar: December 14 2017

We are delighted to welcome one of our community members, Brian Clark for our next Business Club webinar.

Brian is the Director at DOTS Talent Solutions Consulting in Brisbane and will be talking to us about his uses of mind mapping to undertake business processes in the planning and execution of a consulting engagement.

So if you work in consulting, professional sales, advisory and or if you manage people in these sorts of roles, or even if you have an interest in consultancy, we recommend this webinar to you!

In this webinar, Brian will discuss and demonstrate how he is using mind mapping to capture information about client requirements in a structured way, developing a consulting plan for the engagement, and tracking the execution of the consulting engagement. This includes task management, communications, information capture, client approval and payment milestones.

Brian hopes to assist the listeners to gain an understanding of how he uses mind mapping to plan and execute a consulting assignment for a client. This will hopefully help you to generate some ideas on how you could apply mind mapping to any project whether client focused or internal. Listeners will see how mind mapping can play an effective role as an information and planning hub as part of an information and client management system.

There are many challenges faced when working in consultancy, but Brian believes that mind mapping can help to reduce the risk of misunderstanding and lack of clarity with clients, and also helps in differentiating you from other consultants and advisors. In this webinar, Brian will showcase how mind mapping software is a powerful tool for managing information effectively for both a consulting business and a client.

Speaker Info: Brian Clark

Brian is the founder of a business in Brisbane: DOTS Talent Solutions. This company has two primary streams, an enterprise software platform and a performance consulting practice. DOTS Talent Solutions use mind mapping in both business streams, however this presentation will be focused on the consulting practice.

He works a lot on development and sales of an enterprise learning and performance management software solution, which is sold to government, corporate and large not for profit organisations.

DOTS Talent Solutions focus on execution, sales and productivity, with clients ranging from start-ups to large corporate and not-for-profit organisations.

Since discovering mind mapping as a student at school, Brian has gone on to use mind mapping daily in many facets of his business and personal life. Some of the ways in which he uses mind mapping include:

· Presenting to clients and presenting to workshops and other speaking opportunities.

· Consulting project management.

· Developing content for marketing and consulting resources.

· Demonstrating complex software solutions.

· Strategic and tactical planning.

· Task management.

· Innovation and brainstorming individually and in groups.

Planning and executing a Consulting Assignment
14 December 2017
11:00am (Brisbane, Australia)
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