Mind Mapping in Augmented Reality

Mind Vector explores new ground with HoloLens innovation

Mind Vector runs and syncs across multiple devices

New and emerging technologies are constantly opening up new possibilities (and new challenges) for mind mapping software developers… and our friends at i2e Consulting (creators of Mind Vector) have jumped into the brave new world of Augmented Reality with their latest innovation!

We caught up with i2e Consulting Marketing Manager Jay Vyas to find out more about using Mind Vector in an augmented reality environment…

Biggerplate: When and why was Mind Vector originally created?

Jay: Mind Vector was created in May, 2014. It was first created on iOS to brainstorm and take notes on mobile phones. Mobility was the key factor to create Mind Vector on iOS first and not web.

Biggerplate: Why did you start to experiment with augmented reality?

Jay: Mind Vector is one of our apps however, we at i2E Consulting work on cutting edge technologies. We have worked on wearables, drones and created solutions for MNCs in Augmented Reality. That’s when we thought of bringing Mind Vector to Augmented Reality as mind mapping is a collaborative thing and doing it in Augmented Reality will boost creativity and analytical thinking.

See Mind Vector in Augmented Reality!

Biggerplate: What are the key benefits of mind mapping in an AR environment?

Jay: The world is changing and in the near future most of our work will be in Augmented Reality. A third dimension gives you a better understanding of the workflows and nodes. Also, with this immersive technology you are less likely to be distracted from your thought process as it is so much more fun & interesting that you would be totally engrossed at making maps in AR!

Finally, you can collaborate with your friends and be in different parts of the world while working together. This is reality now but still it is quite fascinating to work in AR and it makes even the most mundane tasks fun.

Biggerplate: What does the future hold for this innovative project you have started?

Jay: We think AR has lot of potential and this is just the beginning. With AR and AI we can change the way mind mapping is done traditionally and make our process of Analytical thinking more focused and fun at the same time. AI and Machine Learning can help you create nodes related to your map. Many schools use mind mapping to boost creative thinking among kids. Imagine how much they would love to make maps in AR and stay focused at what they are told to do. AR can help board of directors meet in a Virtual space on the cloud and work on the same map while being in different parts of the world. This will save a lot of time and money which a company can utilise elsewhere!

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