Landing your Dream Job: No CVs. No Cover Letters.

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Dimitris Bronowski: Author of Landing your Dream Job- available now.

Founder of Networks of Influence, and recent Business Club webinar speaker Dimitris Bronowski, has successfully launched a business and written a book with the help of mind mapping!

To promote his book, we got in touch with him to tell us more about his book and his career- building projects.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
6 years ago, my family and I owed 140 thousand Euros to different banks, I had no job, a degree in theoretical physics that was making me just a little bit more unemployable than other graduates in Greece and levels of stress that couldn’t reach higher.

Now everything is wonderfully different and mind mapping played a crucial role in that.

I love to read and I get excited with anything that has to do with trust building, professional networking and productivity. Based on my first two interests I founded Networks of Influence, NoI , a company that helps individuals and companies utilise soft skills, digital tools and automation to:

a) create and activate a strong professional network in order to discover business and career opportunities, and

b) build trust into relations in order to leverage these opportunities for business development and career growth

Basically I help people build and activate a professional network to grow personally and professionally.

How were you first introduced to mind mapping?

I was first exposed to mind mapping in one of my University courses when I was studying management in Barcelona. The course was about design thinking, another area that I knew nothing about.

Interestingly enough, both those areas helped me build a life that few years ago I couldn’t imagine having, with all the financial security, love and happiness that I was missing.

What do you think is the greatest benefit of mind mapping?

When I first played with the principles of mind mapping I immediately fell in love with it. I realised that this tool gave me something that I was missing in order to put my life in order. You see, on the one hand I am a person who always has a lot of ideas, a person who likes to run multiple projects at the same time. On the other hand I love productivity and one of the main findings of productivity studies is that unless you focus on one task at a time, complete it and then move to the next one you are most probably being unproductive.

Mind mapping allows you to do exactly that: let your ideas flow, map all of your projects and then, without losing the big picture, focus on one area at a time.

How does mapping fit into your work and personal life?
Realising the power of mind mapping transformed my personal and professional life. First of all, I needed to put my personal life in order. To do that I defined the life I wanted to have in 10 years. Then I mind mapped the 8 areas of my life that I needed to improve in order to get there.

I set my 5-year-goals for each area, then my 2-years-goals and then how these goals translate into daily and weekly habits that will help me get there. Waking up every day and seeing an overview of my life’s goals and the simple daily actions that can lead me there has given me amazing results and made the whole process an enjoyable adventure. 6 years later I live a wonderful life.

Professionally, mind mapping helped me build and grow my company. I can safely say that the company wouldn’t exist without it. You see, the first thing you need to understand about professional networking and trust is that it is a very complex field with many variables that keep changing.

There are techniques and strategies coming from different areas such as marketing, business development, sales, body language, persuasion, communication, psychology In order for me to understand how to help my clients build the relation they needed to get their dream job, to grow their career or to do the necessary business development for their company I needed a way to have an overview of all the available options.

Mind mapping helped me do exactly that: create a huge mind map with all the tips, tools and strategies people use to build professional relations and trust. Then, depending on the client, I could quickly see which area would be more interesting for him/her and give a customized proposal for the services I could provide. Once again the power of mind mapping: the ability to powerfully focus on one topic without losing the big picture.

Tell us about your new book “Landing your Dream Job: No CVs. No Cover Letters”

What prompted you to write the book?

Based on my experience with NoI and in order to be able to help more people, I decided to take the most effective strategies and digital tools I knew and put them all in a book called Landing your Dream Job: No CVs. No Cover Letters. The question I was going after was simple: how can people get their dream job while enjoying the process and at the same time building a network that can help them build fast a successful career? Once again I turned to mind mapping. I created a brand new mind map, selected the best tips I had in my pre-mentioned Networking mind map and created the titles of each chapter. Then, in the mind map, I divided each chapter to three areas:

a) a story that proves and explains the principle I wanted to communicate

b) a call to action with specific simple steps that the reader can take right away and

c) a tips section with advanced advices for those who want to get even better results.

Then, I simply started filling each area for each chapter until I finished the book. But there was one last difficult step that I needed to take that mind mapping helped me with. The book became too big and I knew that really few people looking for a job would have the time or the energy to read a full book. They cannot be sure that this book will really help them and they might be afraid that they will lose their time. So I needed to make it easy for them, I needed to make the book as small as possible, while keeping the most effective information.

Having an overall view of the book in my mind map I started taking off all the chapters that were not fulfilling my criteria. This way, the final compact version of the book was created.

Once more: mind mapping helped me focus in one thing at a time while keeping in mind the big picture.

What sort of response has the book had?

Now, a book, no matter how good it is, does not sell itself. To promote it I needed once more the help of mind mapping. After spending 10–15 minutes brainstorming and mind mapping all the possible ways to promote the book I started rating them. I used Xmind to rate from 1 to 5 the amount of time that each one would need (1 being the fastest and 5 the most time consuming) and then I rated the expected results (high/medium/low exposure). Then, I selected the ones that would need the least amount of effort and would give me the maximum exposure.

This way the book sales started increasing and slowly I came up with more ideas for promotion so I had to go back to my mind map, add them and re-evaluate.

Two months later, the second edition of the book is already available and I can happily say that I got phone calls from clients who got into companies like Google and Amazon applying the techniques described in that book.

The most amazing part was that two of them were still students in University. This is the power of professional networking: being discovered by the right people.

There are really few things that make my life more complete than managing to help a person improve his/her life and being able to do that in a large scale through the book is quite fulfilling.

Who would most benefit from reading the book?

This book was written with two kinds of people in mind:
a) people who want to have a meaningful career and want to be discovered by the right companies and

b) individuals who are no longer satisfied with their current job and want to create other opportunities before leaving their current position.

Where can we get it?

The book is available worldwide through Amazon in both hardback and digital format.

What are your thoughts on Biggerplate as a resource for mind mapping?

Biggerplate can play a meaningful role as a platform where Mind Map business enthusiasts can share the ways they use mind mapping to grow personally and professionally.

Every platform in order to succeed needs the help of a community of people who are willing to cheer and scream their love and passion and I believe that each person who has seen the power of mind mapping and has fallen in love with it will be willing to help Biggerplate grow, if you create the right structures in order to engage the community to do so. You have the platform, you have the potential community and you have a lot of meaningful content that can be created or co-created.

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