How can mind maps support the design process of an app?

Business Club Webinar : 15th November 2017

Biggerplate Business Club Webinar: 15 November 2017

Are you interested in seeing more examples of using mind maps to manage and develop projects? What about the design process of an app?

It goes without saying that the app industry has taken the world by storm, and that apps are ever changing our habits. Many app developers will have their own tools and techniques for designing new apps, but how many of them will be benefiting from the power of mind maps for such a project?

Sign up for our next Business Club webinar on 15th November, where we will hear from Alexis Van Espen on how mind maps can support the design process of an app. Alexis uses mind maps in a variety of ways, and is in the process of designing an app with mind maps, and so we asked him to share this experience with us.

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This webinar will demonstrate how mind maps can contribute to designing a small app, and how mind maps are a powerful tool for documentation purposes. Alexis will also share his solutions which he has found across many years for problems arising in projects managed with mind maps.

During this webinar, Alexis will showcase how mind maps can be “heuristic”, and will share some of his personal tricks, including adding blank (unlabelled) branches,cloning nodes, and the usefulness of expanding and collapsing branches. He will also highlight how mind maps are used at different stages:

1. Brainstorming,

2. Designing,

3. Tracking.

Alexis would also like to address some of the common challenges he faces, including:

• How to avoid broken links?

• When working with a system of related maps, how can we best combine children maps,categorising ideas with branches, and filters?

• “How far is too far?” How deep should we go into the details of the algorithms? It’s a matter of choosing the right level for the right question. For instance, it can make sense to prepare a budget in a mind map, but the map is no substitute for your books.

Speaker Info: Alexis Van Espen

A long-standing supporter and member of our Community, Alexis lives in Belgium and is a Sociologist and Data Analyst. After discovering mind mapping in 2005, Alexis has benefited from this tool in academia, data analysis, as well as language learning.

As a data analyst, he had the opportunity to brainstorm about online surveys with mind maps, which he tells us “was very exciting, for we could work collectively on the survey”. Later, he adds, he added icons to denote scales of measurement (categorical, ordinal, numeric) and other technical details.

Alexis has already shared his personal “mappy notebook” experience with us in a previous blog post (french), and has attended our Brussels Brunch Clubs on several occasions; sharing his insights and uses of mind mapping. Check out his great mind maps shared on Biggerplate here!

We look forward to hearing from such an enthusiastic, well-experienced and diverse mind mapper!

How can mind maps support the design process of an app?
15 November2017

20:30pm (Brussels)
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