Chuck Frey’s Mind Mapping Software Trends Survey

Are you using mind mapping software a lot for your daily projects? Chuck Frey would love to hear from you!

The Mind Mapping Software Survey is still open!

Chuck Frey is the founder and author of Mind Mapping Software Blog and has been a great friend of Biggerplate over many years. He is always trying to provide the latest information, news, trends, tips and training on the business uses of mind mapping, diagramming, sketching and visual thinking software.

Chuck has recently launched his 2017 Mind Mapping Software Trends survey and we encourage you to take part!

“This survey contains questions about the changing nature of your work, how you use mind mapping software to manage it and it gives you an opportunity to tell me where you need help in using it effectively.” Chuck.

We recently had the chance to put a few questions to Chuck Frey regarding his new survey, and here’s what he had to say…

Q. Can you tell us a bit about your website?

The Mind Mapping Software Blog is the world’s leading website that provides news, reviews, tips, reports and other resources on mind mapping software and other forms of visual thinking. Earlier this year, the blog celebrated its 10th birthday.

Q. What is the focus of your current survey?

The focus of this survey is on the business use of mind mapping software — how people use it, the benefits it provides to them and why it’s the right tool to meet the needs of today’s knowledge workers.

I’ve been doing this survey for nearly a decade. Some of the questions are benchmarked from one survey to the next, which gives me an idea of how the usage of mind mapping software is evolving, as well as how the work environment is changing.

One of my goals is to provide executives who are benefitting from this type of software with ammunition they can take to their boss and say, “Here — this is the value proposition of mind mapping software, and why we need more licensed copies of it on my team.”

My second major goal is to help users of mind mapping software understand how their use of it compares to their peers worldwide. In many cases, my gut feeling is that a lot of users of this type of software are just using the basic functionality of it. If they knew what else was possible, they could benefit tremendously by expanding their mind mapping repertoire.

My third objective is to get feedback from my readers, so I can better understand their evolving needs and focus the content I create on those needs.

Q. What have we learned from your previous surveys/reports?

The most notable findings have been the significant increases in productivity and creativity that people experience from using it. The number one benefit of mind mapping software cited by by survey respondents is the ability it gives them to reach clarity quicker on their key projects.

It’s also clear that users of mind mapping software believe it gives them greater confidence to take on complex projects than they would otherwise avoid. In addition, they say that it makes a significant impact on the quality of their work, and that this high quality of work wouldn’t be possible without mind mapping software.

These results have been very consistent from one survey to the next, which leads me to believe that they accurately reflect what my readers are experiencing from using the software.

Q. How/when will people be able to see the results?

The results will be published in late October.

Q. How long do people have until the survey closes?

Until the end of next week (13th October 2017).

You’ll find the survey questions here: