Biggerplate Rewards

Generate revenue for your business with Biggerplate Rewards!

Back in June, we announced the launch of Biggerplate Rewards; a new referral program that provides our most active supporters with a way to generate revenue simply by promoting the resources available at Biggerplate!

After a few conversations with community members over the last few weeks, it has become clear that many are still unaware of this scheme, so we thought it would be worth posting a short refresher notice!

How does it work?

  1. You apply to join our rewards program, and your application is accepted.
  2. We create a unique code for you (like YOURNAME10) for you to share with your friends, customers, and social media network. The code gives people $10 off the price of annual Business Club membership.
  3. For every upgrade completed using your unique code, you earn $2 in revenue, or $3 if you’re a Business Club member yourself!

Perfect for mind map trainers!

If you’re a mind map trainer, this is a great way to offer your training customers extra value as part of your training. By sharing your unique discount code with customers, you’ll be helping them to build on their learning through the Business Club webinars and tutorials. And for every upgrade using your unique code, you’ll earn additional revenue from Biggerplate to support your mind map training business!

Next Steps:

To join the Rewards Program, simply submit your details using this application form, and a member of our team will do the rest!