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Ruth Lily Walker
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Ruth manages our global mind mapping community: sharing news, stories, and updates! Community Manager de la communauté mondiale des mind mappers; je gère le contenu et marketing !

Mind Map Showcase - Mastering Your Email

In this article we're drawing attention to this outstanding mind map detailing the ways in which you can organise Outlook Emails.

Do you ever open your inbox and just don't know where to start?! Then this mind map is the solution for you!

One of our most popular downloaded mind maps (over 5000 downloads!) contains some great tips that can

Ask the experts !

As described in one of our previous blogs, we have started a regular series of free, public webinars available for the mind mapping community.

As the leaders of mind mapping, we strive to encourage and enable wider adoption of mind mapping around the world by actively engaging with our member community online and offline. These online, live webinars aim to

The applications of Mind Mapping in Project Status Reporting

Join us for our upcoming Business Club Webinar by one of our members, Mark Pohlmann.

18 April 2017 14:00 - 15:00 (GMT)

With over 21 years of experience, Mark is currently the Managing Director of YellowOrange-IT, a consulting and IT service provider for Core Artificial Intelligence based in Germany. He also worked for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Accenture and

Retour d'expérience : Utiliser le mindmapping avec le 'top-management'

Lors du dernier Brunch Club à Paris, Anthony WIMMER nous a présenté un usage professionnel des cartes mentales dans son organisation.

Il a illustré les apports de cette forme de représentation et de réflexion individuelle et collective.

C'est la raison pour laquelle, donc, nous l'avons invité à intervenir pendant notre prochain webinaire en français. Inscrivez-vous pour le 11 avril !


Biggerplate Mind Mapping Meetup -Update !

Building on the success of our Brunch Club community meetings over the last 2 years, we have launched the next evolution of member events aimed at helping our community to connect and collaborate more easily, more regularly and more locally!

Using the popular platform, this new initiative aims to encourage networking and knowledge sharing within regional mind mapping

Se préparer à une présentation façon

Merci à Franck Maintenay pour ses partages nombreux sur Biggerplate!

Les interventions filmées disponible sur le site, souvent courtes et riches en informations, sont loin d'être improvisées. Chaque intervenant s'est préparé avec minutie pour capter et conserver l'attention de l'auditoire.

Le mind mapping est une bonne façon de prendre les notes issues d'une intervention TED !

Nancy Duarte, grande

Design Thinking: A Mind Mapping Perspective- Maps now live!

A huge thank you to Marco Ossani for contributing to our Business Club webinar archive, with his fantastic presentation about the uses of mind mapping in Design Thinking. Dr Marco Ossani is a Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, Author & Accredited Mind Mapper based in Italy.

In this exclusive Business Club Webinar, Marco presented Design Thinking before demonstrating how mind mapping