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Ruth Lily Walker
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J’engage avec la communauté française; je gère le contenu et marketing du mind maps. Ruth manages our French mind mapping community,sharing their news, stories, and updates!

Construire une stratégie de veille avec le mind mapping

Pour notre prochain Webinar en français, nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter Xavier Delengaigne, consultant/formateur en management de l’information, l’auteur ou coauteur de plusieurs livres sur la veille, le mind mapping et les communications électroniques. Dans ce Webinar, il nous invite à exploitez les outils en ligne pour une veille efficace avec le mind mapping !


Do small maps work much better than large maps...?

Flashback to our Unplugged event in London!

This is the presentation by Harport Consulting at the Biggerplate Unplugged mind mapping mini-conference in London on 31st January 2013.

The key message is that small maps work much better than large maps, when using mind mapping software in an organisational setting. Designing maps to be comfortably read by other people is a

Biggerplate Mind Mapping-

We started our networking and knowledge sharing events (Brunch Clubs) with the idea that Biggerplate should try to help more mappers to meet in person to discuss experiences and share ideas.

Our Biggerplate Unplugged events are equally a great example of this idea in action, but we think there is more to be done!

While our Brunch Clubs are always


C'est l'heure de partager avec nous votre feedback, et d'influencer l'avenir de mind mapping grâce à notre enquête annuelle.

Participer ici (en anglais).

L'an passé, plus de 1100 membres, partout dans le monde, ont participé à l'enquête annuelle dont les résultats avaient été publiés dans notre Rapportage Annuel des Mind Maps .

Afin de recueillir les meilleurs résultats possibles, nous souhaiterions

Biggerplate Annual Report 2017 is now LIVE!

It's time to share your feedback and shape the future of mind mapping, with the return of our Annual Mind Map Survey!

Take the Survey: Click Here

Last year over 1,100 mind mappers from around the world told us how they were using mind maps, and the results were compiled and published in our Annual Mind Map Report 2016

Webinar Showcase - Mind Mapping as a Powerful Project Management Tool

The year may be nearing an end, but the Biggerplate Business Club is still very much running at full pace! Another great webinar was held on Thursday 8th December with Chance Brown (SPX Corporation) discussing the use of mind mapping for project management!

Based in North Carolina, Chance is Senior Manager of HR Projects at SPX Corporation, a global leader